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C & R Creations- Connie lives in Lyons and joined the Lyons Farmers Market two years ago. She offers a variety of crafts.  Lately her speciality has been making face masks.  Other specialities is jewelry and unique items.


Jam Sessions- Becca started making wine jams several years ago. Last year she began to offer pie fillings that were a huge hit. This year she has added to the many jams, mustards & pie fillings a fruit juice concentrate mix.  What next?


Amy's Acres- Pesticide free forever. Garlic, asparagus, veggies from "Amy's Kitchen Garden"  U-pick raspberries, strawberries, apples & pumpkins.  Run by Amy & Mike Jurek 


Smith Road Farm - "Beyond Organic"    USDA retail cuts &1/2-1/4 Angus & Pigs, Registered - Full blood Aberdeen Angus 100% Grass fed and finished.  Heritage Pigs- Goucester Old Spot & Berskshire Cross - Meat Chickens are from bred Non-GMO Freedom Ranger Parents. NOFS Certified Organic Feed - NO GMO's, no soy and no corn.  All animals are Pasture Raised and Rotated daily

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